This workshop examined the water and climate information needs for tomorrow and compared them to the current state and developments in information services, observation sources, scientific knowledge and model technology. The following topics were explored in workshop sessions,  through facilitated discussion and argument on relevant propositions:

  1. Are we getting close to integrating water and climate prediction? (see propositions)
  2. With ground networks in decline, can satellites meet our needs? (see propositions)
  3. How well can we trust our models, and how can we be sure? (see propositions)
  4. What new water and climate information should we be developing? (see propositions)
  5. Is Australia’s data and model infrastructure ready for the future? (see propositions)
  6. Have we reached the limits of what can be forecast? (see propositions)


Abstracts and the slides for most of the presentations are available through the workshop program. The final workshop report is also available.